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Driver Checks

Ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law!


It is the duty of the operator to ensure that a driver possesses the necessary driving credentials to operate a vehicle. However, the complexity of performing a driver check, specifically for foreign employees often leads employers overlooking glaring issues, such as counterfeit licenses and PrDPs.


Some may choose to ignore discrepancies, assuming they can plead ignorance if faced with a roadside incident. Yet, both law enforcement and insurance providers hold a different perspective-ignorance is no excuse and does not hold itself against liability.


Should an incident occur, insurance coverage may be denied, emphasising the importance of thorough verification and compliance with driving regulations.


Heavy Commercial Vehicles


When driving heavy equipment in South Africa, foreign drivers must adhere to certain basic requirements to ensure legal compliance and safety. These requirements typically include:

By meeting these basic requirements, foreign drivers can ensure legal compliance and safety when operating heavy equipment in South Africa. It’s essential to research and understand the specific regulations and requirements applicable to the type of heavy equipment being operated and the driver’s circumstances.


We Follow A Simple Verification Process