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Fleet operators face huge risks by not verifying their drivers

Ignorance Is No Excuse In The Eyes Of The Law

The importance of ensuring that drivers possess valid licenses and permits cannot be overstated, especially in the realm of road safety. The National Road Traffic Act mandates that all drivers on our roads must hold a valid driver’s license for the appropriate class of vehicle, along with any necessary Professional Driving Permit (PrDP) or its equivalent from SADC countries. Despite this legal requirement, there has been a concerning trend of fleet operators neglecting to verify the authenticity of driving documents provided by foreign drivers.


The rise in the number of heavy commercial vehicle drivers from neighboring states, particularly Zimbabwe, highlights the need for stringent verification procedures. With the high number of drivers from Zimbabwe on our roads, the potential for unqualified individuals to operate vehicles on our roads poses a significant risk to safety.

FACT: Thousands of Zimbabwean drivers checked, 32% of driving licenses are fraudulent as are 66% of their PrDP’s equivalent, their Defensive Driving Certificates.

Regrettably, fleet operators often only become aware of the lack of proper credentials after an accident occurs, leading to insurance claims being repudiated or investigations by law enforcement agencies. It is the responsibility of fleet operators to ensure that drivers possess the necessary qualifications before allowing them to operate vehicles.


The process of verifying driving documents can be cumbersome, leading some employers to overlook fraudulent licenses and permits in favour of convenience. This approach is not only negligent but also dangerous, as ignorance is not an acceptable defence in the eyes of the law or insurance companies.

The solution is simple…

To address this critical issue and assist fleet operators and insurance companies in avoiding such situations, CHECK YOUR DRIVER offers a comprehensive verification service. By conducting checks directly with the official custodians of driving records in the relevant countries, we provide customised written confirmation of the authenticity of licenses and permits. This proactive approach not only helps prevent accidents caused by unqualified drivers but also aids in identifying and exposing fraudsters who contribute to the alarming rate of road accidents.


Through our customised verification services, we aim to enhance road safety, mitigate risks, and ultimately save lives. By partnering with CHECK YOUR DRIVER, fleet operators and insurance companies can ensure compliance with legal requirements while fostering a culture of accountability and responsibility on our roads.